Slogans and nicknames are a significant part of our political language and have been associated with presidents and candidates since George Washington.  However, meanings, so apparent to one generation, can quickly become mysteries to later generations.  The following alphabetical list attributes campaign slogans and candidate nicknames that actually appear on campaign items, sometimes with a picture of the candidate, but very often without specifying the candidate's name.  Nicknames and many slogans apply to a single candidate, but some slogans, particularly throughout the 19th century, are used for several different candidates in elections spanning many years.  To identify by candidate those items with slogans used by multiple candidates, referring to Hake's Encyclopedia of Political Buttons is probably the best first step.

A Choice for a Change-Barry Goldwater
A Choice Not an Echo-Barry Goldwater
A Christian in the White House-Herbert Hoover (Anti-Smith)
A Public Office is a Public Trust-Grover Cleveland
A Square Deal-Theodore Roosevelt
A Third Term is Better Than a Third Rater-Franklin Roosevelt (Anti-Willkie)
All 48 In '48-Harry Truman
America Calls Another Roosevelt-Franklin Roosevelt
Americans Cannot Be Bought-Alf Landon (Anti-Roosevelt)
And That Goes for Eleanor Too!-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Ask Amy-Ronald Reagan (Anti-Carter)
Back Our President-Franklin Roosevelt
Better A Part-Time President Than a Full-Time Phoney-Dwight Eisenhower (Anti-Stevenson)
Billy Possum-William H. Taft.
Billy's Brother-Jimmy Carter
Boy! Do We Need A Change!-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Clear Everything With Sidney-Thomas Dewey (Anti-Roosevelt)
Click With Dick-Richard Nixon
Come Home America-George McGovern
Confucius Say...Man Who Stand Up Twice, No Good Third Time-Wendell Willkie (Anti- Roosevelt)
Confucius Say...One Time-Good/Two Time-Good/Three Time-Damn Good-Franklin Roosevelt (Anti-Willkie)
Coxsure-James Cox
Death to Trusts-William J. Bryan
Deeds Not Deficits-Alf Landon (Anti-Roosevelt)
Deeds-Not Words-Calvin Coolidge
Dee-Lighted-Theodore Roosevelt
De-Thronement Day Nov. 5th-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Dictator? Not For Us-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Dictators Don't Debate-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Don't Be a Jackass, Follow the Eagle-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Don't Be a Third Term-ite-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Don't Blame Me I'm From Massachusetts-George McGovern
Don't Blame Me I'm From Minnesota-Walter Mondale
Don't Send a Boy-Richard Nixon (Anti-Kennedy)
Don't Swap Horses-Herbert Hoover
Don't Tarry Vote Harry-Harry Truman
Dr. Jekyll of Hyde Park-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Draft the General-Dwight Eisenhower
Dump the Hump-Richard Nixon (Anti-Humphrey)
8 Years is Plenty-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Eleanor? No Soap!-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Empty Dinner Pail-William J. Bryan (Anti-McKinley)
First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen-George Washington
Fore! We'll All Be in the Same Hole Together!-Adlai Stevenson (Anti-Eisenhower)
4H Club (Help Hurry Harry Home)-Thomas Dewey (Anti-Truman)
Four More Years-Richard Nixon
Free Silver-William J. Bryan
From the Tow Path to the White House-James Garfield
Full Dinner Bucket (or Pail)-William McKinley
Give the Smilin' Man a Chance-Jimmy Carter
Gone With the Wind!-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Grand Old Party/Good As Gold-William McKinley
Grass Root Democrat-George McGovern
Grass Rooters for Dick-Richard Nixon
Great Society-Lyndon Johnson
Grits & Fritz-Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale
Guard Our Peace-Wendell Willkie
Happiness is a New President-George McGovern (Anti-Nixon)
Happy Days are Here Again-Franklin Roosevelt
Hello Al-Al Smith
Hello Bill-William H. Taft (used later by many fraternal organizations)
Help Us to be What We Can Be-George McGovern
He Proved the Pen Mightier than the Sword-Woodrow Wilson
Here's Your Hat Frank, What's Your Hurry-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Hero of New Orleans-Andrew Jackson
Hero of Tippecanoe- William Henry Harrison
Honest Abe-Abraham Lincoln
I am a Right Wing Extremist-Barry Goldwater
I Don't Want Eleanor Either-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
I Intend to Fight It Out on This Line if it Takes All Summer-Ulysses Grant
I Just Want to be a Lieutenant-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
I Miss Ike! Hell, I Even Miss Harry-Anti-John Kennedy
I Want to be a Captain, Too-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
I Will Crow in November-James Cox
I'm a Stand Pat Democrat-Harry Truman
I'm an Extremist/I Love Liberty-Barry Goldwater
I'm Working for Peanuts-Jimmy Carter
In God We Trust for the Other 47 Cents-William McKinley (Anti-Bryan)
In God We Trust-William McKinley
In Your Guts You Know He's Nuts-Lyndon Johnson (Anti-Goldwater)
In Your Heart You Know He's Right-Barry Goldwater
Indict the U.S. Government for Genocide-George McGovern
It's an Elephant's Job-No Time for "Donkey-Business"!-Herbert Hoover
It's Not Jack's Money He'd Spend...It's Yours-Richard Nixon (Anti-Kennedy)
J.C. Will Save America-Jimmy Carter
Joe for Willkie-refers to boxer Joe Louis
Joe Smith-Adlai Stevenson (Anti-Eisenhower)
Let Us Continue-Lyndon Johnson
Let Well Enough Alone-Calvin Coolidge
Let's Light Up the White House and Clean Out the Bird House-Barry Goldwater (Anti-Johnson)
Let Us Have Peace-Ulysses Grant
Life Begins in '40-Wendell Willkie
Little Giant-Stephen Douglas
Little Mack-George McClellan
Little Van-Martin Van Buren
Long Live the President-George Washington
Make America Happen Again-George McGovern
Muriel for First Lady-Muriel Humphrey
My Ambassador-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
My Friends-Goodbye-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
My Friends I'm Indispensable-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
My Hat is in the Ring-Theodore Roosevelt
No Cross of Gold, No Crown of Thorns-William J. Bryan (Anti-McKinley)
No Fourth Term Either-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
No General-Adlai Stevenson (Anti-Eisenhower)
No General Strangewater for America-Lyndon Johnson (Anti-Goldwater)
No Man is Good Three Times-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
No More Years-George McGovern (Anti-Nixon)
No Oil on Al-Al Smith
No  Royal Family-Wendell  Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
No Third Term-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Now More than Ever-Richard Nixon
Old Hickory-Andrew Jackson
On the Right Track with Jack-John Kennedy
One Good Term Deserves Another-William McKinley
100 Million Buttons Can't Be Wrong-Wendell Willkie
Open Mills Not Mints-William McKinley (Anti-Bryan)
Out at Third-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Pat for First Lady-Pat Nixon
Peace and Preparedness-Woodrow Wilson
Peace/Progress/Prosperity-Dwight Eisenhower
Peggy for First Lady-Peggy Goldwater
Plumed Knight-James Blaine
Protection to American Industry-Henry Clay, Benjamin Harrison and others
Protection to Home Industries-Benjamin Harrison and others
Re-Elect the President-Richard Nixon
Remember Oct. 9-George McGovern (Anti-Nixon)
Right on Mr. President-Richard Nixon
Rough & Ready-Zachary Taylor
Safety First-Woodrow Wilson
Sage of Ashland-Henry Clay
See Dick Run/Run, Dick, Run-Hubert Humphrey (Anti-Nixon)
16 to 1-William J. Bryan
60 Million Jobs-Harry Truman
Sound Money-William McKinley
Stand Pat-Theodore Roosevelt
Stand Up for America-George Wallace
Sure Mike-Alton B. Parker
Thanksgiving Day Nov. 5-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
The Farmer of Ashland-Henry Clay
The Grin Will Win-Jimmy Carter
The Hero of Appomattox-Ulysses Grant
The Man of the Hour-Woodrow Wilson/Franklin Roosevelt/Dwight Eisenhower
The New Deal-Franklin Roosevelt
The New Frontier-John Kennedy
The Pathfinder-John Fremont
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword-Horace Greeley
The People's Choice-William Henry Harrison, Martin Van Buren, and others
The Rail Splitter of the West-Abraham Lincoln
The Right Man in the Right Place-Abraham Lincoln
The Sage of Chappaqua-Horace Greeley
The Same Old Coon-Henry Clay
The Union Must, And Shall Be Preserved-James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, and others
The Won't Do Congress, Won't Do-Harry Truman
The World Must be Made Safe for Democracy-Woodrow Wilson
There is No Indispensable Man-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!-William Henry Harrison
Too Many Jacks from Missouri-Thomas Dewey (Anti-Truman)
Two Good Terms Deserve Another-Franklin Roosevelt (Anti-Willkie)
Two Times is Enough for Any Man-Wendell Willkie (Anti-Roosevelt)
United We Stand, Divided We Fall-Henry Clay, William Bryan, and others
U-N-I-T-E-D (United or You and I Ted)-William H. Taft, indicating support of Theodore Roosevelt
Vote the Land Free-1848 Free-Soil Party/Martin Van Buren
Watchful Waiting Wins-Woodrow Wilson
We Are Going to Win this War and the Peace that Follows-Franklin Roosevelt
We Can't Eat Sunflowers-Franklin Roosevelt (Anti-Landon)
We Don't Want Eleanor Either-Wendell Willkie (Anto-Roosevelt)
What's Wrong Being Right-Barry Goldwater
Why Change?-Dwight Eisenhower
Young Hickory-James Polk