This is an alphabetical list of acronyms, initialisms, and numbers actually used on presidential campaign items with reference to specific candidates, political parties, and organizations.

 ABC- Anybody But Carter (1980)
 ABJ-Anybody But Johnson (1968) or Austin Burton, Jr. (Hopeful for 1976)
 ABK-Anybody But Kennedy (Robert 1968 or Teddy 1980)
 ACTWU-Amalgamated Clothing and Textiles Workers Union
 ACWA-Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America
 ADA-Americans for Democratic Action
 AFL-CIO- American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations
 AFSCME-American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees
 AFT-American Federation of Teachers
 AIP-American Independent Party
 ALP-American Labor Party
 AuH2O-Barry Goldwater (chemical symbols for gold and water)
 B & L-Blaine & Logan (1884)
 BAM-Black Americans for McCarthy (Eugene, 1968)
 BGB-Barry Goldwater Backer (Arizona Senate Campaign, 1980)
 BMG-Barry Morris Goldwater (1964)
 C & S-Cleveland and Stevenson (1892)
 C & T-Cleveland and Thurman (1888)
 CDA- Coalition for a Democratic Alternative (Eugene McCarthy organization)
 CDC-California Democratic Council
 C5H4N4O3 on AuH2O-Urinate on Goldwater (chemical symbols for urine, gold and water)
 CLIRR-Conservative Liberal Independent Regular Republicans (Nixon, 1972)
 CLU-Central Labor Union
 COPE-Committee on Political Education (AFL-CIO)
 CPUSA-Communist Party of the U.S.A.
 CT-Commercial Travelers (1896-1908 era)
 CWA-Communications Workers of America
 DFR-Defeat Franklin Roosevelt (1940)
 DNC-Democratic National Convention
 EMK-Edward M. Kennedy
 EMc2-Eugene McCarthy the second time (1972)
 ESM-Edmund S. Muskie
 FCBNH-For Carter Before New Hampshire (1972)
 FDP-Freedom Democratic Party
 FDR-Franklin Delano Roosevelt
 FEF-Forget Eisenhower Forever (1956)
 FKBW-For Kennedy Before Wisconsin (1960)
 FMBNH-For McGovern Before New Hampshire (1972)
 GMG-George McGovern (1972)
 H3-Hubert Horatio Humphrey (1968)
 HG-Hoover and Green (Michigan governor candidate, 1928)
 HHH-Hubert Horatio Humphrey
 H & M-Benjamin Harrison and Levi Martin (1888)
 H & R-Benjamin Harrison and Whitlaw Reid (1892)
 HUAC- House Un-American Activities Committee
 IAK-I Adore Kennedy (1960)
 IAM-International Association of Machinists
 IBEW-International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
 IGHAT-I've Got Hatred Against Truman or I'm Going to Hate All Trumans
 ILA-International Longshoreman's Association
 ILGWU-International Ladies Garment Workers Union
 IT-Ike Twice (1956)
 IUE-International Union of Electricians
 IYHYKHR-In Your Heart You Know He's Right (Goldwater 1964)
 JB-Jerry Brown (1980)
 JBA-John B. Anderson (1980)
 JBC-John B. Connally (1976)
 JC-Jimmy Carter
 JFK-John Fitzgerald Kennedy
 JWB-John W. Bricker (OH local 1970)
 K-Robert F. Kennedy or Edward M. Kennedy
 K3-The Third Kennedy (Edward)
 KMA-Kiss My Ass (McGovern, 1972)
 KNKC-Keep Nebraska Kennedy Conscious or Keep Nebraska Kennedy Country (Edward, 1972)
 LBJ-Lyndon Baines Johnson
 LNPL-Labor's Non-Partisan League (FDR, 1936)
 LOTE-Lesser of Two Evils (Carter, 1980)
 N/A-Nixon and Agnew
 NADC-National Association of Democratic Clubs (Bryan era)
NASW-National Association of Social Workers
NDC-New Democratic Coalition
NEA-National Education Association
NIT-A slang word for "no" usually used to express opposition to Bryan's proposal for silver and    coinage at a ratio of 16 to 1 (1896-1900)
NOW-National Organization For Women
NRL-National Republican League
NSRP-National States' Rights Party
NUSJ-National Union for Social Justice (Father Coughlin 1930's)
OAP-Old Age Pensions (Townsend 1930's)
OARP-Old Age Revolving Pensions (Townsend 1930's)
OK-Old Kinderhook, nickname for Martin Van Buren derived from his home in Kinderhook, NY
OS4MY-Oh Shit, Four More Years (Anti-Nixon, 1972)
PAC-Political Action Committee
PFP-Peace and Freedom Party
R & B-Reagan and Bush (1980)
RCL-Republican College League
RIF-Reduction In Force (Anti-Reagan)
RNC-Republican National Convention
RR-Ronald Reagan
SIN-Stop Inflation Now
SLP-Socialist Labor Party
SOB-Save Our Business/Sons of Business (Anti-John Kennedy)
SWP-Socialist Workers Party
TASK-Teen-agers for Stevenson and Kefauver
TED-Thomas E. Dewey
TIRRC-This Is Ronald Reagan Country
TMK-Too Many Kennedy's (Anti-Edward)
TR-Theodore Roosevelt
TTP-Tired Tax Payers (Richard Nixon, 1960)
UAW-CIO-United Auto Workers-Congress of Industrial Organizations
UDFH-United Democrats For Humphrey
UFW-United Farm Workers
URFI-United Republican Fund of Illinois (Nixon, 1960)
USWA-United Steel Workers of America
UYN-United Youth for Nixon
VFBG-Vote for Barry Goldwater
VIP-Voice In Politics (George Wallace, 1968)
VV-Vietnam Veterans (Eugene McCarthy, 1968)
W & M-Woodrow Wilson & Thomas Marshall
WB-William Bryan
WCTU-Women's Christian Temperance Union
WIN-Whip Inflation Now (Ford)
WOW-Workers of the World or fraternal society Woodmen of the World
YAF-Young Americans for Freedom
YAFK-Young Americans for Kennedy (John, 1960)
YCERSOYA-You Can't Elect Republicans Sitting on Your Ass (Eisenhower era)
YD-Young Democrats (F.D.R. era)
YPR-Young Professionals For Reagan
YR-Young Republican
YRC-Young Republican Club